Meganoid(2017) 2.0.2 Apk android

Meganoid(2017) is a Action Game for android
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About the game

Meganoid is a challenging platformer, generating new levels on every play session. Find many items to enhance your character and his abilities while you descend down into the Meganoid space ship. Do you rush for the exit, or do you take your time to collect everything there is, barely escaping the security drones that will hunt you down if you linger.

Key features
– Levels randomly generated on every game session, based on a set of templates, making the levels unique but familiar at the same time.

– A platformer with “roguelike” elements. Consumables, alternate routes, procedural generation, and many devices and gadgets add depth to the challenging gameplay of the original Meganoid

– A lot of collectible items that will change the main character’s abilities to navigate the world. Find a jetpack to start flying around, find anti-gravity-boots to perform double jumps, and much more.

– Hidden bonus area’s to find and unlock. Often providing you with a short-cut or very rare and powerful items.

– A hackable game world. Finding green key-cards allows you to modify how certain elements of the game act and respond to you. Stop rocket-launchers from working, make rockets fly less far, make destroyed robots drop extra lives.

– Unlock the database with info on all the items and enemies you encounter to be better prepared on your next try.

In true Meganoid tradition, you’ll die a lot in many different ways, but you’ll learn to overcome the difficulties, learn how the Meganoid world operates, and eventually get to the bottom of it!








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